Sunday, May 25, 2014

week 1 - #SeaWheeze training has officially started!!

Are you on instagram? Look for the #tiuSeaWheeze tag. I'll be posting my check-ins there.

I'm starting to enjoy running without music. Especially outside but even on the treadmill. Weird.

I need to pay more attention to my hydration and carb levels during my long runs. Any recommendations on bloks? gels? GU? Most of them just sound so disgusting...

"We naturally want to do the things we are best at because it serves our ego. But there is so much richness and reward in working on, evaluating and examining those weaker parts of ourselves because it opens up an infinity of possibility, a whole world to you that you've shut yourself down. Just because you're not great at it. You have to open yourself up to working on those parts of yourself that aren't awesome."
~ Jillian Michaels

Weekly Miles: 16
#100bySummer: 60

M - 3 easy miles + pilates
T - 45 min xtrain @140-150bpm + TIU arms & abs
W - 5 mile tempo run

Okay. So. First week of SeaWheeze training did not go to plan. My neck was still really bugging me and affecting my sleep. I managed to grab a cancellation with my PT. She said one of the nerves at the base of my skull was getting pinched causing the spasms in my shoulders. No running allowed till Thursday to ensure her treatment has time to set. 

It's been really hard not to run. I feel restless. It made me realise how much of my time it takes up. I've filled my time with getting things done around the house and spending quality time with loved ones. A little break from running doesn't have to be a bad thing. 

Th - 2 mile easy run + hatha 5 mile tempo run

This run went so well! I can't even believe it. Compared to my last tempo I've come a long way in 2 weeks. I stopped for a water/walk break halfway through and that was enough to let me push hard till the end. 2 weeks ago I was questioning my decision to sign up, if I was really capable of running a half. It's okay to struggle. No panic at the 20min mark or after my first tempo mile. Woot!

F - REST 2 easy miles

This was supposed to make up for Monday, should have been 3 miles. Oopsie! Legs felt good even though I didn't have an ice bath last night. 

Sa - 9 miles

I've started looking forward to my long runs. Totally forgot to stop and pick up some fuel for my run though... so I improvised. Gummy bears it is! The 20min mark is still a struggle. After that I get in the zone and just go. It's amazing how not too long ago 9 miles would have seemed impossible. Now it doesn't even seem that far :-) 

S - vinyasa

Week 2 according to plan is my cut back week. Mileage is 15 miles opposed to 20. I was debating adding a longer run in since week 1 sorta turned into a lower mileage week. But... I decided against it.

My #1 training goal is to get in my long run & work run. And I accomplished that. I know what an important roll rest and shorter runs plays in the training plan and rest days need to be respected. It's so easy (at least for me) to get caught up in the end goal and want to push hard, 100% all the time.

The only thing this has ever accomplished for me was burning out.

My goal of running a half doesn't start at the start line. Every training run and rest day is part of that goal. I want to enjoy my time spent pounding the pavement. I want to be present. I want to trust the process and listen to my body. I want to surprise myself with how physically and mentally strong I am. I know I won't love every minute of it - but that's part of the journey too. 

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