In 2013 I found my love of running. When I was struggling with fatigue cardio with any kind of intensity would wipe me out for days. Now I feel energized! Running has become my solace when I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It's my favourite way to start my workday and unwind on the weekends.

With my new found love in mind (and a little push from my friends) I've decided to sign up for Lululemon's SeaWheeze half marathon. More of my training here. Eek!

Below are links to my favourite training programs and workouts. Hope you find something you like :-)

Marathon and Half Training Programs

tempo building
ToWomensRuns (pdf) - 6 month training program
SeaWheeze2014 - Week 1-7 (pdf)
SeaWheeze Get Ready Get Sweaty 2013 (pdf) - beginnerintermediate
SeaWheeze2013 (pdf) - beginner | intermediate
Runner's World Smart Coach



Circuit Training (Tone It Up)

total body - 1hr
Bikini Body Best Bootycamp Workout (dumbbells, bands, ball)
#TonedUp Interval Routine (gym)

total body - 20 min
L♡VE Your Total Body (dumbbells)
LVE Your Body with Kettlebells (kettlebells)
Sandcastle Workout (dumbbells)
Bikini Blast Circuit (dumbbells)

total body - no equipment
Love Your Body With HIIT

Best Arm Workout (dumbbells)
Tone Up your ARMS for summer (dumbbells)

Malibooty (dumbbells)
Love Your B♡♡TY Routine (dumbbells)
Thailand Tush Workout (kettlebell)

booty - no equipment
Brand Spankin’ New BOOTY Routine
Beautiful Booty!

Best Ab Workout Circuit (no equipment)
L♡VE Your Abs (dumbbells)

HIIT / Interval Training

Self Drop10 HIIT (pdf) - month 1 | month 2

Jill Fit
35min stepmonster
25min stepmonster
Secret Admirer Cardio

Tone It Up (jpg)
Cupid's Cardio
Fat Burning Treadmill Workout
Wild Child (skipping rope)
Crush Cardio
Bikini Cardio
Itty Bitty Cardio
Date Night

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