2014 Intentions

  1. choose optimism over pessimism; gratitude to create positivity
  2. practice forgiveness when feeling overwhelmed
  3. plank for balance
    • pilates once a week
  4. eat your greens for calcium
  5. run in shorts on Kamaole
  6. track calories for accountability
  7. buy a cheeky bikini in Pa'ia
  8. 5k colour run
  9. run the SeaWheeze in 2hr.
  10. sweat for an hour everyday 
  11. pamper yourself
  12. keep your colon healthy
  13. cultivate energy
    • meal plan to balance blood sugar
    • hydrate! even on the weekends
    • exercise responsibly
  14. make yourself proud by accomplishing your goals
  15. create a beautiful home
  16. yoga headstand... and crow
    • Sunday Yogaday
    • May-Aug yoga 2x/week
  17. drink the wine
  18. master the one legged squat

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