Friday, May 9, 2014

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Remember these adorable photos? Now there's a 6 Month Update on the Toddler Who Takes Naps with His Puppy.

Dirty Dozen for 2014 - Joyous Health
Do you buy organic? I go back and forth. I try to focus my dollars on nutrient dense foods. This grocery list that Melissa and Dallas (It Starts With Food) put together combines the dirty dozen / clean 15 with seasonal produce and highlights which are the most nutrient bang for your buck.

On x-training from (never)homemaker: cycling 45-60min at 150-160 bpm once a week may actually help you run faster.

As my runs get longer I need to start paying more attention to my hydration. Love these guidelines from Monica Nelson. Remember: thirst is not a good indicator of your hydration level.
  • 2 Hours prior to exercise: drink 17-20 oz 
  • Every 10-20 minutes during exercise: drink 7-10 oz -> aim for 500ml-1L of fluid per hour of exercise. 
  • Following Exercise (thirsty or not): drink 16-24 oz for every pound of body weight loss (Based on Journal of Athletic Training)

Thursday's tempo run was my most challenging to date. I'm so glad to come across Danica's (aka ChicRunner) post every training cycle. Her words gave me some perspective.

Workouts this week
Weekly miles: 20 / Total miles for #100bysummer: 24

M - 2 mile easy run
First indoor run in a couple weeks. Cardio was in good shape but mentally it was super challenging. Those 20ish minutes ticked by soooo slowly...

T - hatha
First yoga practice in a couple weeks. I wrote about it here

W - 45min xtrain + pilates
The last time I took a pilates class was in 2008. Things have come a long way from Stott/ Windsor. Since January I was pretty consistent with Body Pump and Body Shred. Those classes were super challenging in a kick your butt kind of way. Last night during leg circles I thought I was going to die! This one little tiny butt muscle was on fire. From the groans around the class I wasn't the only one. Some of the moves I didn't feel at all, which I know means my form wasn't quite there. I went into the class thinking it would be relaxing since we're laying on the mat most of the class. Yeah, I should know better by now. I left the class feeling taller, shoulders down and back, core engaged. Switching up my workouts seems to be serving my body well. I'm starting to feel more comfortable in my skin again. My weight hasn't changed but after just a few workouts I feel way better about my body and less like a hippo.

Th - 5 miles tempo
By far my toughest run yet. This one had me feeling really apprehensive. The tempo is the fastest and for the longest amount of time I've had to run so far. Intimidating!! I know my body can do it, but my mind just needs to believe. Warm up mile was fine, easy. Half way onto my first tempo mile I started to struggle. My HR was pretty high and my mind was racing. I know this feeling. I've felt it before. It used to happen during any run over the 20 min mark. My mind starts to race. I feel like I can't breath. Everything in me is screaming to stop. And apparently my body doesn't like apples as a pre-wo snack - ouchy. But I kept going. Partly because I don't want to quit. Partly because I know it's mostly mental and my body needs the conditioning. Mostly because I don't want to have do it again tomorrow. At the mile mark I slowed to a walk for a min, just to bring my HR down a bit. And again at mile 2. By the third tempo mile my quads were on fire. My cool down mile felt so easy comparatively. I could run forever at this pace. Just need my tempo pace to feel this way. Like Danica pointed out, the silver lining in a run where you feel defeated is the opportunity to rebuild and come out even stronger on race day.  

F - 2 mile easy run + TIU arms & abs
My legs were so sore last night from my tempo run, but today they were fine. Good to go!

Weekend Plan:
Sa - 8 mile long run - my longest run yet!! :-/ time to build some confidence again!
S - vinyasa

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