Saturday, May 31, 2014

link love - the proverbial lion

Did you hear!? Orange is the New Black is back June 6th!! Just don't read the whole article - there are spoilers.

Ariana Grande - problem <- I just love songs with saxophones in them. Brass Monkey anyone? So catchy! When I was in university our favourite club to go dance at had a live DJ and sax player. It was awesome... until it got shut down. Why does that always happen to the good ones?

smoking is just as bad as not moving <- this article has gotten me off my butt for a lunchtime walk every day since I read it.

to age well, walk <- just incase you weren't convinced. Running is my current thing but I totally intend on being one of those old ladies in the walking group who does thai chi and has a prize winning rose garden.

Also, have you heard this song yet? It's my new jam. And another way to keep this body in motion - cause I can't sit still and listen to this song...

"No. 9: Every 2 weeks do a long duration run... this will only work if you don't run like a total muppet."
~ Alex Myall How to get a six pack

seawheeze in 3D (we’re not kidding) <- I didn't love the SeaWheeze shorts design when I first saw them this year... but they've grown on me. So I guess we'll be the heard of zebras running fro the proverbial lion come Aug 23rd.

more running posts...
10 Marathon Training Secrets Every New Runner Should Know <- I think smiling is the most important ;-)

13 Mistakes Half Marathoners Should Avoid <- can you guess which one I'm guilty of?

How to NOT Freak The F Out Before Your Race <- I've already had one SeaWheeze dream where I missed the package pick up...

5 electrolyte brands put to a taste test <- lulu has done the work for us, though they didn't test my favourite - nuun.

sports nutrition should we stop talking calories? <- yes! focus on the good and there wont be anyroom for the junk.

"You can have any food at any time. It's always available to you. Food is abundant. Even on Mondays."
Jill Coleman

When you're having cravings do you reach for sweet or salty? I'm a sugar girl... my jaw dropped when I read Joy's post negative effects of sugar. I had no idea the average Canadian consumes just under 1cup of sugar a day. It should be more like 6 tsp (9 tsp for men).

Looking for some healthy treat inspiration? I did a bananas for dessert post earlier this week. ombre sorbet & mint chip ice cream k&k just shared 2 guilt free ice cream recipes. I'll be trying them next week if my sweet tooth hits again. Or maybe some skinny double chocolate chip protein muffins... or {secretly healthy} s'mores chia pudding.

more healthy eats...

Oh, and I really want this. Fruit infused water, iced teas, iced coffee, oh the possibilities. My birthday is coming up...

Experts recommend at least 150 min/week of moderate exercise. Do you think this can negate a sedentary job?

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