Friday, May 30, 2014

bananas for dessert?

Maybe it's because my mileage is increasing. Maybe it's the time of the month. I've been craving sweet things like crazy. We'll blame it on the hormones. 

There was a time where I would be raiding the candy aisle, adding gummy bears to the brownies and ice cream that was already in my basket. 

I'm still a sugar girl but now I tend to crave naturally sweetened foods. Don't get me wrong though - I don't want something that tastes "healthy." Just something that wont leave me raiding the kitchen for more sugar an hour later. 

Enter the humble banana. I'm sure you're already familiar with the health benefits - so I won't bore you with facts. Besides, we're here to exploit it's sweetness. Add heat and the sugars intensify. Freeze then blend and you have nature's ice cream. Ever tried caramelizing slices of bananas in a little butter or coconut oil? You should.

My 3 go to banana based desserts:

s'mores banana boat <- these have become a stable summertime dessert. The best part - it can be made on the grill, over a campfire or in the oven. 

skinny rocky road banana soft serve <- I made this Monday night. Decadently sweet and secretly healthy :-) PS. mango soft serve is a good idea too. Or strawberry. I add a little almond or full fat coconut milk to get things moving.

white chocolate, coconut and banana s’more bars <- okay, these bars are a little more decadent than the other two banana desserts. The past 2 Valentine's Days I've whipped up a batch. It didn't last long. You've been warned. 

What's you favourite healthy sweet treat?

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