Friday, May 16, 2014

this week

Bartender, I'll take a Legend of Jack Sparrow (No. 14) please.

My no.1 goal for the SeaWheeze is to finish strong and sound. Training officially starts on Monday!!! I'm excited to see what resources lulu has for us, in the meantime I've been incorporating FitSugar's Stretch and Strengthen Exercises and Foam-Roller Massage.

Ice Baths have become necessary after my long runs and Wednesday work runs. Maybe it's the west coast girl in my but they don't seem that bad.

Ever wanted to swim with dolphins? What about wakeboard?

Did you make friendship bracelets for all your besties? Did you ever make heart friendship bracelet? Yeah, it's a thing.

Are you gluten free? Do you even know what gluten is? This is hilarious.

Shit We Can Change for Women. What would you change? I find the comparison trap on social media the fastest way to feel like crap about my life. Be proud of what you bring to the world.

People seem to have a love/hate relationship with fitspo. Personally I find it totally motivating, but I tend to look for positive, life affirming posts.

"A Tone It Up girl’s beauty radiates from within. Reaching your physical goals, staying motivated, and maintaining it for a lifetime is a reflection of the shifts you have made in your lifestyle."
Karena & Katrina

Weekly Miles: 20
#100bySummer: 44

M - 3 easy miles + pilates

T - 45 min xtrain @140-150bpm + TIU arms & abs
I've had a kink in my neck for the past few weeks. It's this same spot that's been acting up since I was in university. Booking a massage has always been in the back of my mind. Welp, this evening after the gym while I was cooking dinner all the muscles tightened up and started spasming. I was on the floor the rest of the night. Ice helps but it's not a cure. 

W - 5 mile tempo run rest - neck!
Neck was better feeling better today - meaning I could move. Booked a massage for the afternoon. My RMT told me next time you get a kink in your neck - come in right away! He could have fixed it in 15min instead of spending an hour focused on one spot. Why is it so hard to make time for those little aches and pains. They just never seem to be a priority - until it gets worse. Okay... lesson learned. 

Th - 2 mile easy run + hatha 4 mile speedwork
I totally owned this run. Was still feeling a bit apprehensive after last week's tempo run but I just kept telling myself "you can do this!" Feels like my head is back in the game. Neck is about 80% better. 

F - REST 2 mile easy run + foam roller
Since my rest day was forced upon me this week, everything has been bumped. But that's okay. I'm use to rolling with what life throws at me and fitting in my workouts when I can. I've found an easy run on Friday afternoon is a great way to release any stress from the week and start the weekend off fresh. 

Weekend plan:
Sa - 8 miles
S - vinyasa

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  1. I'm gluten free and that video is the best hahah!