Wednesday, May 7, 2014

monkey mind

Last night I went to a new yoga practice.

I want to add another class to my weekly routine to help balance my SeaWheeze training. Since January I've been going to a Vinyasa class on Sundays. I love the mind/body/breath connection with flow and the instructor always throws in some balance play at the end. Headstands and crow are on my bucket list!

Last night's class was more of a Hatha class, which was exactly what I was looking for.  Nothing too crazy or physically challenging for the end of the day.

We did some prep work in a seated twist. I have fairly good range of motion with twists, though they never feel effortless. The instructor had us place our hand in prayer, thumbs in that little divot in between the collar bones, chin resting on fingers. This locks shoulders and neck in place. All movement of the spine is driven by your obliques. Once we found our edge hands were released. And we sat. Completely facing the back of the room! I couldn't believe it. Usually I am still facing the side wall a little. I love that feeling when the pose just happens. It feels effortless.

Oh, and why title this post monkey mind? It's that chatter in your brain when you're trying to sit in stillness. I need to work on quieting my monkey mind.

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