Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#NoBuyJune update

Loving #NoBuyJune so far - because it really is challenging! It's forced me to realised how many of my usual purchases are actually based on impulse and spend some time reflecting on my financial situation.

Usually my  thought process goes something like this...
Saw a maxi dress online - wannit! 
Read a fashion post about summer must haves - I could really use a breezy summer vest. 
Half price workout tanks? wannit! I could always use more workout tanks.
Oh, and all I want to wear is lulu's power y bra. I have a couple in crazy colours but I could use some totally basic ones. 
and my skin could really benefit from a charcoal mask... all this working out is starting to plug up my pores. 
Some of these things are legitimate items I need but most of them I can make do with what I already have. Normally I don't pass up a good deal. I'm generally careful with my money and try to get the best value. Although sales save me money they can sometimes cause a cash flow issue...

I've been reflecting on my financial situation, where I am and where I want to be. Lately I've been feeling less than... I could be happier if only I had x... like I'm being consumed by the desire to consume.

For years I've gone without spending much on my home or my wardrobe. I dunno - it just all seems so materialistic. Does what I wear really matter? Some of this comes from my roots in environmentalism. But it also stems from low self esteem. You have to have a good self image to want to get up and treat yourself well. And lets face it, when you look good you feel good. And that matters.

In January I set out a list of goals for this year. Investing in myself and my home are high on my list of priorities.  So is paying off my debt. Needless to say, this has caused a bit of internal conflict. Looking back I can see I never set any parameters for paying off my debt or how much I could afford to spend on myself each month. #NoBuyJune has made me realise I need to not only budget money for paying off debt but also set some aside so I can jump on those sales when they come up.

Maxi dress - I'm watching you!

Make sure you check out  the lovely Emily @ExcellentTiming and her post about how #NoBuyJune is no cake walk.


  1. Love your collage! I love what you said about saving up and paying off debt so when really great deals do come around, you don't have to say no! Stay strong!!

    1. I made that collage instead of buying things online, lol.