Sunday, June 8, 2014

week 3 - #SeaWheeze training recap + links

Did you see Emily (ExcellentTiming) and I are challenging ourselves to #JuneNoBuy? Read her post here. See my post here.

I'm so happy SarahFit shared the green state of mind juice. It's really a high protein smoothie with no protein powder! In the spirit of #JuneNoBuy I'm using up what I have in my cupboards before I run to the store to restock. I've run out of protein powder and my pre-JuneNoBuy order won't arrive for another week or so. Buying those single serving packets at the store doubles the cost. I've already got a stock of flax and chia seeds on hand.

Oh, but I really want this cross legged chair...

The Time. I Decided. Enough. Is F-ing Enough. -> everything she said. I've stopped buying Oxygen mag because of the elitist and exclusive message. Well, that and the lack of content. I want to be a woman who supports other women. The fact that we workout in different modalities or wear different clothes shouldn't matter. 

Electrolyte Drinks for Athletes -> I made the watermelon zinger for my post long run recovery drink.

Don't wait until your at your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take towards reaching that goal. 

Weekly Miles: 19 17
#100bySummer: 86

Monday - REST (2 easy miles)
Tuesday - 2 easy miles (45 min xtrain @140-150bpm + abs)
Wednesday - 5 mile tempo run
Thursday - REST (2 easy miles)
Friday - REST
Saturday - 10 miles
Sunday - 20min solo vinyasa

I mentioned last week how I've been struggling. I've been putting things off. I've been more tired than usual. I swear it feels like I've been PMSing for a month. Ugg. Thursday I totally intended on getting in my 2 miles - and then I fell asleep on the couch.

Monday was a write-off. Spent the day in bed with a 24hr bug. Luckily it was only 24hrs.

Tempo runs keep getting better. I'm still taking walking breaks but they're getting less frequent. Mentally I'm getting stronger.

My long run was pretty eventful. A lot of firsts. Tried out my new hydration belt. Spent the first mile fussing with it but after that we settled in. The water bottle however, sucks. It has a nipple - which is usually a feature I like in a water bottle. No seriously.  But this one takes so much suction to get a little sip. Maybe it's defective. I had to stop every time I wanted to take a sip.

Tried vega gels. They didn't upset me stomach and I like the flavours. This is the first time I've tried gels so I have nothing to compare them to, but no complaints either.

Ate a bug.

Found 5 new water fountains! I never noticed them before. Now I know the location of ~15.

Ran through a parade route! Three times. Stressful. I tried to bypass it but that didn't work out so well.

The runner's high just didn't happen for me this time. Maybe it's because I stopped so often? I was a total space cadet the rest of the day though.

Week 4 goals

I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing. Rolling with what life throws at me. Yeah, I usually don't manage to fit in all my workouts or get to everything on my list. But they're both pretty packed! Long runs and tempos are a priority that I've never skipped. If I have the energy for more, I'll do more. This is about getting to know when I can push things and when to lay off. The last few weeks have been a time to take it a bit easier. I'm learning to listen to my body. Skipping a workout here or there is a way better alternative to burnout. I'm in this for the long haul.

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