Thursday, June 5, 2014

chipping away at bad habits

A bad habit is one destructive to my goal.

I've set this goal for myself of running a sub-2hr SeaWheeze. Everyone says that your first half should just be about finishing - but that doesn't feel like enough. 

Lately I've blown off a couple mid week short easy runs. I've stopped prepping my lunch / cleaning the kitchen the night before, telling myself I'll do it in the morning it's more important to go to sleep now. Even still, I've been getting into bed after 10pm. Getting up with the sun is not going to happen. I've been neglecting abs / yoga using my neck as an excuse.

These bad habits are part of a bigger picture. They're warning signs. I've been living re-actively. It happens sometimes. When things are busier than usual. When I'm tired. 

Life feels hard. 

My normal routine is no longer serving me. It's time for a change in preference. To reach out instead of pulling away. To trust that movement can create energy. That the couch will wait for me.

I'll know I've got it right when I feel calm. When I wake up before my alarm full of energy. When life doesn't feel so hard. 


  1. I can so relate - life does feel hard right now! You're so right about having to reach out and create your energy. Good luck, girlie!

  2. Ugg. Right!? Thanks for the support :-)