Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June no buy

Most of yesterday was spent on the couch recovering from an awful stomach bug. To distract myself I watched a couple episodes of Till Debt Do Us Part. The best part is when Gail Vaz-Oxlade lays out couple's monthly spending and we get to see where all their money goes.

"Why are you buying yourself things in life before you've earned them?" Ouch. I'm really not that irresponsible with my money... but things are still feeling tighter than I'd like after our tropical holiday in April.

Emily at Excellent Timing is challenging herself to a "no buy" June. The allowances she's given herself make the goal totally realistic without becoming a hermit for the month. 

I'm so inspired by her post I've decided to join her. I'm looking forward paying down my cc and starting a SeaWheeze fund. This month I'll be skipping all the extras and making do with what I have.

Extras I wont be buying...
  1. no "superfoods" -> yes maca increases energy and balances hormones, cacao nibs are full of antioxidant that protect your cells and coconut manna is just delicious. But do you need these superfoods to live a healthy lifestyle? Nope.
  2. no clothes/body products -> I've got everything I need. 
  3. no magazines -> I don't usually buy magazines but lately I've been tempted by running magazines...
  4. no house wears -> I will not go into Target.
  5. no impulse purchases -> unless it's on the list put it back!
  6. treats / junkfood -> my thighs will thank me.
But these are totally okay...
  1. a hydration belt for my long runs. SeaWheeze training is starting to pick up and I have to carry water / electrolytes with me. Gus/gels/bloks are okay too. I'm trying a bunch of different brands to figure out what works.
  2. food -> we eat really well. The quality and source of our food is important to us. Buying cheap food just to save a buck is not worth it to me. Oh, and wine is totally food. 
  3. things we've already planned -> father's day, a weekend at the cabin, a couple dinners out with friends.
Have you ever challenged yourself to a "no buy" month? How did you make out?


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're doing a No Buy too! I love that you're saying no to superfoods - so tempting and pricey.
    Let's keep each other accountable!

    1. Yes - lets :-) I've already been tempted to an anthro maxi dress that would be perfect for summer...lol