Saturday, April 26, 2014

☀My 2014 Bikini Series goals☀

Are you ready!?

All goals start with a possibility.

☀Where do you want to be by the first day of summer☀  
  • I want to be comfortable in my skin and confident in my clothes
  • I want to be at my happy healthy weight
☀How do you want to feel☀  
  • beautiful. happy. energized. skinny. peaceful. radiant. confident. calm. alive. aligned. empowered. strong. fast.
☀What will you have accomplished☀  
  • lost my holiday weight in the first week 
  • reached happy healthy weight - confident in my clothes and in my skin 
  • eat to fuel workouts. workout to create energy. 
  • at least 20-30min cardio everydamnday 
  • #100bysummer
☀Where is truly standing in your way☀  
  • low energy
  • getting back on track after a holiday
☀How can you overcome it☀ 
  • listen to and respect my body
  • stay on top of my iron supps and hydration
  • prep my meals so I'm never starving and rummaging through the kitchen for something to eat
  • exercise responsibly - I should feel energized and warm after, not exhausted and chilly
  • week 1 - just focus on nutrition - this way I wont feel overwhelmed, I'll have the energy I need to make it through my day and then I'll be able to give the workouts my all.
☀How can you make this your commitment for the next 8 weeks☀ 
  • check-in with weekly weigh-ins / measurements, energy and hunger levels. 
  • track my food on MyFitnessPal
  • find a my bikini partner :-)
  • milestone rewards
☀Map out how you will make this 8 weeks of progress and change☀ 
  • Week 1 - focus on nutrition
  • Week 2 - get back in the gym
  • run 4x /week
  • 2x yoga, 1x pilates, arm & abs
  • groceries on Saturdays
  • meal prep on Sundays
  • pack gym back every night
☀What are your common downfalls☀ Write them down and decide how you’re going to improve!!!
  • that damn snooze button "it's too late/I haven't slept enough" - I've come to realize it takes a couple days for my body and mind to adjust to a new routine. I'm going to cut myself some slack and just go with it. I'll be on track by week 2. 
  • meal timing - if I skip meals I get hangry and nothing seem to satisfy me. This is a fact. Skipping meals or leaving out part of a meal is not an option. 
  • using food to deal with anxiety - I need to find a nurturing way to cope. Running helps. So does deep breathing. Maybe painting will be my new coping mechanism.
  • I'd rather relax on the couch - the couch will be waiting for me after my run. 
  • my thighs are too big and make my shorts ride up - wear crops. 
5 things that I've accomplished in the past 3 months...
  1. base training for SeaWheeze 
  2. rocked my bikini on the beaches in Maui 
  3. consistently went to the gym 
  4. tried a couple new classes at the gym 
  5. consistently prepped my meals

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